Tuesday, June 9, 2020

Two Books by Mark Restaino

Genre: children's Picture Book
Source: Purchased

My Bee's Keeper
Zach is playing in the park when he see a bee. He begins to swing at it when an older man stops him. He explains all about what bees do. They sit to each some honey sandwiches and the man learns that Zach lives in his car with his mom in the park. Zach helps the man every day and learns a lot about the bees. But one day the man tells Zach he is going to have to go away for a few days and he is leaving Zach to care for the bees. Is Zach up for the job? What about his mom? How long will they have to live in their car? I loved this book. They are definitely on target when they talk about bees. I know because my husband is a beekeeper. I loved the message of God's love and care.

The Fruit Tree
I am really loving this author's books. In this story we meet a gardener who plants a seed and waters it. The tree grows and produce fruit. The gardener loves the fruit. The fruit tree tries to teach the other
trees how to deliver fruit. They refuse. Then they become jealous and do everything they can to kill the fruit tree.  When the gardener returns and sees the dead tree he is sad. But he returns and soon he has a new tree growing. The other trees learn from the fruit tree.  This is an allegory of the life of Christ. It is a lesson of how we are to live, love and teach others about God. It is written in a manner that children will understand the lesson.

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