Monday, August 3, 2020

Five Books by Asaf Rozanes

Part of the Rainbow 

This story is about a girl who is green. Mia’s face, hair and clothes are all green. She loves it. When she turns eight she goes to school and sees kids who are different from her. She is confused and scared until her teacher tells her she was the missing color to complete their rainbow parade. After talking with her dad about her day at school she learns that people come in different colors and it is all okay.

Short or Tall Doesn’t Matter at All 

Mia is the shortest kid in her class. The other kids exclude her and often tease her because of her size. She tells her dad about it and he gives her some good advise. The next day when her friends need someone her size they realize that everyone is special no matter how short or tall they are. Once again this is a book that teaches kids about differences and how they shouldn’t matter.

The Feelings Library
 loved the concept of this story. Mia lives in a town where they have a feelings library. They check their feelings out. Through different characters, the reader gets to see what happens if we hold on to one feeling too long. We see how it affects the character’s life. I loved this book and think it would be wonderful to read to that child who can’t stop being silly, angry, sad, or afraid. This is a wonderful way to start that discussion with children.

The Monster Friend 

Mia is frightened by the monster she see one night. All the monster wants is to be her friend. When she gets scared enough she calls out for her dad. He explains to her that sometimes monsters just want someone to play with. Mia colors with the monsters and sees him change. She is no longer scared of him. He doesn’t return after that night. However Mia meets more monsters each night. This is a great book about facing those things you fear.

Tomorrow is Near But Today is Here 

In this story Mia learns how much she misses out on when she focuses on things she doesn’t know or understand. She learns that it makes her sad worrying all the time. Her dad tells her how to handle things when she is scared. Mia becomes happy when she tries what her dad has told her. Worry is normal for children when they don’t understand something. This book would be a great help to children.

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