Sunday, August 2, 2020

Five Books by Ofra Peled

The Big Party (Bk 1)
Emma and Adam hated they only had parties on birthdays. Their teacher told them they could come up with a party. Adam wanted to plan his own party by himself. The teacher allowed them to go ahead with their party plans. Adam went home and sat and decided what he would need his parents to buy for the party. That was all he did. Emma told her parents about the party. Then she went to her room and started to plan it out. One of them had a very successful party and the other one did not. This book is to teach kids about the importance of planning anything, especially a party.

My Money Box ( Bk 2)

Adam and Emma go shopping with their fathers. They see things in the mall that they want their dad’s to buy for them. As they shop they notice that their father’s keep looking at each item and comparing it to others. They learn how their parents have a budget and why it is important for them to have that budget. The children learn the importance of saving money and waiting to buy things you want until later. This is great for teaching kids how to save money and why it is important.

The Creative School Class (Bk 3)

Creativity is one of the most important things in kids. We need creative thinking in our kids for them to learn how to problem solve. By not teaching or allowing our kids to be creative we are creating a group of kids who won’t be great problem solvers. In this book the principal has a challenge for the students. She wants them to create something to solve a problem. Great book for teaching kids to use their creativity.

The End-of-School-Year Show (Bk 4)

In this book Adam and Emma are in a dance group preparing for the End -of-the-Year Show. The problem is that everyone wants to be centerstage. This causes arguments and they progress no further. The coach tells them he is cancelling things until he can figure out a solution. Adam suggests to Emma that it could all be solved if the learned to cooperate the way the geese do. A wonderful story about valuing others and collaboration.

The Forex Clan (Bk 5)

Emma belonged to a group they called FOREX. Her club created the name from words that described what they love to do. One day on the news she heard the word FOREX and asked her dad what it was. He explained that it stood for Foreign Exchange. He then explained what foreign exchange meant. Emma brought this information and a special plan back to her club. This is a great book to teach about foreign money.

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