Thursday, June 24, 2021

4 Books about emotions By Michael Gordon

 Genre: Children's Picture Books

Source: I purchased all of them

When I Feel Like Giving Up

Deano the dinosaur has trouble handling frustration when things do not go his way. His parents give him some things he can do to calm down. They also remind him of all the wonderful things he can do. This is one of many books in this series for young children about emotions.


When I Lose My Cool

The author has done an excellent job of describing how a child might feel when they get angry. Deano shares these techniques with his friends and the reader.

When I Feel Anxious

In this story Deano is worried about a lot of things. His mom explains it is normal as long as he doesn’t let worry get the best of him. Once again she gives him some tips for getting rid of worry.


When I Feel Left Out

Feeling left out is one of the most common things kids feel. In this book Deano talks about many ways he is left out. These are all things. Kids can identify with Deano also has some handy tips for fixing the problem.  I highly recommend any and all of Michael Gordon's books

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