Friday, June 25, 2021

Three More by Michael Gordon


Genre:  Children's Picture Books

Source:  I purchased them

Why Bully Me

Monkey makes fun of elephant and giraffe making them feel sad. Elephant and monkey become friends. Elephant stands up for his friend and monkey leaves them alone. He tells monkey they should celebrate their differences.


I Love My Grandma

Adam and Alice visit their grandma separately. She tailors her play activities to what she knows each grandchild would like. This brought back fond memories of spending the night with my own grandma and made me think about how I play with my own grandchildren.


The Choices I Make

Josh gets angry with his sister Emily when he comes home from school and finds her playing with his favorite toy. He gets angry and screams at her. His father explains why it is wrong and how it makes him feel. The book shows common situations that make kids angry. Then it shows the better choice to make.

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