Monday, June 28, 2021

It's All About Family Five Books by Michael Gordon

 Genre:  Children's Picture Books

Source: Purchased

I’m a Big Brother Now

Reading this book was like watching my own son and daughter, Henry was excited to get a new sister. He did everything he could for her. He looked forward to the day when she would grow bigger and they could play together and go to school together.


My Big Brother

Another story that reminded me of my own two children. Brad helps his mom by playing with his sister Kate. He teaches her how to clean up. This gives his mom a break. It also teaches his sister valuable things.


My Super Dad

Davy’s dad can do anything. He is always there for Davy. He plays with him, fixes him soup, scares monsters away. For these reasons Davy’ dad is his superhero.


My Super Mom

Jamie sees his mom as a superhero because she is always there when he is hungry, hurt or wants to play. Jamie’s mom is a superhero to him because she is a good mother.


Best Brothers

Jake is happy to have Jude as his brother. They play together, tell jokes and get along real well. They are not only great brothers but best friends.

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