Sunday, June 27, 2021

The Dragon Talks/ The Big Boy Potty/When You Grow Up by Michael Gordon


 Genre: Children's Picture Books

Source: I purchased


The Dragon Talks

Gab the dragon likes to talk. He talks so much no one else can talk. When Gab loses his voice he begins to listen and learns that listening to others is very important.

The Big Boy Potty

Potty training is never easy. This would be a great book to start reading to your little one before you start potty training. This book would get them excited about growing up and going potty and getting rid of their diapers.


When You Grow Up

Mom shares with her daughter Maddie how much she loves her. Then she starts telling her all the wonderful things she can grow up to do. Most importantly mom wants her to know she wants her to grow up to be kind, healthy and a wonderful person.

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