Monday, May 22, 2023

Cover Reveal: Resolved



If you had to lose everything, what day would you choose?

When ten-year-old Mairead asks about her father, Siobhan falters. How can she expose Mairead to the pain and rejection that shattered her world leaving them both with wounds Siobhan can’t find the strength to face? But keeping that loss at bay has also kept her daughter at a distance, and the future queen’s childhood is rapidly slipping away.

As if that wasn’t enough, their kingdom is on the brink of civil war, with discord being sown in its border regions and powerful magic-users threatening their dreams. Amidst the chaos, Siobhan finds that an old friend has become Mairead’s surrogate father—and Siobhan’s closest confidant—but trying to discern between her heart and the best interests of the realm has left her torn. It seems that whatever she chooses will require a courage she doesn’t possess.

With war on the horizon and a second chance at love awaiting her decision, Siobhan seeks peace in the pages of an old journal, but the first dragon king’s words convey a faith in Jeeah that defies anything Siobhan has ever experienced. Can she give up her fear and entrust herself—and her only child—to the one who has seen her this far? Or will the cost be too great to bear?

Resolved is the fifth book in the coming-of-age fantasy series, Four Stars over Ardatz: Sovereigns. If you like action, multi-dimensional clean romance, and addictive stories, you'll love Kandi J Wyatt's book.

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Kandi J Wyatt lives with dragons, most in human form--and some even blow fire! She spends her days providing space for teens to be themselves, inspiring them to be more than meets the eye, and spilling hope into their world. When she's not hanging out with fictional characters, Kandi's chilling with family watching anime or playing games. Her toddler granddaughter keeps her running--often in circles--and full of joy.

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