Wednesday, May 31, 2023

The Watchman's Keep by Alfred M.Struthers


Genre: Middle Grade, Young Adult, Mystery
Source:  I received a copy to facilitate my review. The opinions expressed here are my own.

Each book in this series gets better and better. The amount of research that goes into the details in the book are extensive. In this story we find Nathan once again in the thick of things. After the man who had tried to kill him is put in prison, Nathan goes back to his old job of sorting books.  His best friend and side-kick Gina is once again helping him solve a riddle.  Nathan's mentor in all things regarding the bookcase has flown to Europe. He is hot on the trail of Ginette, the sister of Edouard Dampierre who now sits in prison.  Tobe expected she is not there, but in the United States looking for Nathan. One call is all it took to keep Gina and Nathan confined to their house.  Jamieson is sure Ginette is after Nathan and to take over the business her brother was running in the states. Unfortunately for her things are not going to go as planned.

One thing I absolutely love about the books is the massive amount of research that goes into each one. The author has compiled information in the back of the book to help those less acquainted with fine art. I may not have known the artwork of many of them mentioned, but understood what sgrafitto and slump molds were. Both have been used by my husband and myself when we owned a ceramic business and my husband worked with glass.  The complexity of each book increases, which is why I said it is for young adults as well.  The danger level rises, more secrets are unpacked. I look forward to reading the next one in this series, "Tears of the Empress".  To learn more about this author and his wonderful books, check out his website.

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