Tuesday, July 9, 2024

Day One of Picture Books By Luna Lark

 Genre:  Children's Picture Books

Source:  I Purchased them.

This picture book has some of the most gorgeous illustrations I’ve seen in a long time. It is a simple
bedtime story of forest animal big brothers, letting their siblings know they love them. They show this through reading bedtime stories to them. They run through the meadows with them. Watch the moon, take night walks and howl at the moon together. They gather nuts, sit and snuggle. All of these things we do with our young ones and it makes it so relatable.

A great picture book for explaining to young children that it is okay to have all kinds of emotions and feelings. It also explains what they can do to handle those emotions. I enjoyed this because I often hear parents that it is not okay to get mad about something. They are essentially telling their kid that you can only have certain feelings.  Instead this book gives them a way to handle them all. I loved the fact that each egg was colored in a way most of us think of feelings. For example we are angry we think of red, sad we think of blue.   Simple and cute way to talk about feelings.

A great story to read before bedtime. It shows little dinosaurs with their mothers doing things together. They brush their teeth, have cookies and milk, meditate, read, listen to music.  All of these things are done to get the little one prepared for a good night sleep.

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