Wednesday, July 10, 2024

Day Two Picture Books by Luna Lark

 Genre: Children's Picture Books

Source: I purchased

This is similar to the author’s egg book about feelings.  We have little dragons express a series of emotions, fear, joy, shyness, sorrow.  Each dinosaur is illustrated in a color that we usually associate with that emotion. Another cute book to have that talk with your child to explain emotions they may not understand and give them  ideas about how to handle them.


I love the way the author has each animal performing a night time ritual such as washing their hands or curling up for the night. This book gives the child a feeling of being loved by their mother and going to sleep feeling safe and secure.


A calm way to end the night is by reading about zoo animals as they prepare to go to sleep. As each animal snuggles with their parent a sense of calm surrounds them. A calming way to put your young one to sleep each night.

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