Saturday, July 14, 2018

Intense Book Series by Glenn Haggerty

I have found a new author whose books I absolutely love. His writing style is similar to Max Elliot Anderson and Tim Shoemaker. These are two author's whose books are on my classroom shelves. Not only do my boys love these books, but so do my girls. I highly recommend this author to all of my readers.


Genre: Middle Grade, Adventure, Thriller
Source: I purchased a copy

Glenn Haggerty’s books are full of suspense and adventure. Tyler Higgins wants to fit in with the “cool” kids. He is willing to ditch his former best friends to be “cool”.  He is quickly learning that being “cool” is not all it is cracked up to be. Tyler agrees to spy on kids parked at Lover’s Lane.  He invites his former best friend who declines. While hiding in the woods waiting to catch teens making out a car pulls up. When the trunk lid is opened they see what they are sure is a dead body. Unfortunately they are discovered.  This book takes you on an edge of your seat adventure as these two teens try to stay alive.  Discover what exactly is going on. Who is chasing them and who wants who dead.  This is a lite Christian Fiction.  Throughout the book Tyler talks about church and God. The reason I loved this book is because it is so true to life in the Christian aspect.  Tyler has thoughts about what he believes God would want him to do, chooses to take a different path because he doesn’t want to listen to God. The other thing we see is what happens when he makes decisions he knows is wrong.   This is a book that can and will be enjoyed by everyone. This is the first book of a trilogy.

Genre: Middle Grade, Adventure, Thriller
Source: I purchased a copy
Tyler Higgins family has moved.  Now he is once again trying to fit in with the cool kids.  The cool kids have ditched him in the woods.  He decides he will get his younger brother to go into the woods to try and find the “cool kids” treehouse. When a storm hits they stumble onto an old house. As creepy as it is they slip inside. When they hear someone coming up from the basement they hide in a closet.  When the coast is clear they escape.  A run in with the creepy guy from  the old house puts Tyler and his family in danger. When these would-be plumbers threaten him and his friends Tyler takes things into his own hands.  Once again Glenn Haggerty has created a story that keeps you sitting on the edge of your seat.

Genre: Middle Grade, Adventure, Thriller
Source: I purchased a copy

This was the most intense of the three books. Tyler has noticed a change in some of his friends. He is sure there is a drug problem in his school.  His plan is to find out who is dealing the drugs. The problem is that they need to find the person at the top of the chain.  Tyler and some of his friends come up with a plan.  They are going to track these drug dealers to get to the bottom of the problem.  But the woods are full of problems.  Sometimes the ones you think you can trust are the ones you need to avoid. Will this adventure cost Tyler and his friends their lives?  These books are so good that I read one a day. I stayed up to finish them each night.  I look forward to reading many more books by this author.

Sunday, July 8, 2018


So today I am grateful for my son's safe return from his third military deployment. He was deployed last year. He was supposed to walk my daughter down the aisle in December. When he learned he was to be deployed he secretly took a photo with her in her wedding gown. The day of the wedding arrived. There was to be a computer set up so he could watch the wedding live. The computer could not pick up the WiFi from the house.  They were finally able to connect with one of their phones and my husband strategically stood behind the lady officiating, and in front of the entire audience holding that phone so that he could still be a part of that day. This showed love and dedication as it was midnight where he was when the wedding started.  My son has missed birthdays, anniversaries, funerals. He has missed so much of his children's lives while they are growing up. He never complains. He is proud to serve. It was always his dream.  I am proud and grateful that I have a son who so proudly serves his country. I am grateful for a daughter-in-love who supports her husband when he serves. I am grateful for grandchildren who have been taught how important their father's job is to the world. Yes, today I am very grateful that my son returned home safely to be reunited with his family.

Saturday, July 7, 2018

My Favorite Place

Mark Levine over at Mindful Literacy wrote a post titled "Your Favorite Place".  After reading his post I decided to follow suit and write about my favorite place. I've had several places that I would consider my favorites over the years. But every July since last year I will think about Manasota Key. Summer before last I followed my friend Joy Hawkins on Facebook  as she spent three glorious weeks at the Hermitage Artist Retreat on Manasota Key and wrote about her experience.  Since I live in Florida and I've been on both coasts, I have to say I prefer the west coast more than the east coast. So last year I was thrilled to learn that I was one of five teachers in Florida chosen to spend three weeks, like my friend had, at the Hermitage Artist Retreat.
My cottage sat on the beach.
I had a view from my writing desk of the bay to my right across the two lane road, and the gulf to my left.
I accomplished more with my writing while I was there. However, there was something even more important that I accomplished. I learned how to put away school and relax just for me.  I have always struggled with this.  I took so many pictures while I was there. When I am becoming anxious and non-productive I pull up those pictures and IMAGINE that I am on that beach once again.
It didn't matter if I watched the sun rise, the sun set, the storms roll in. It didn't matter if I walked with the turtle lady looking for new  turtle nests or sat quietly  and almost alone on the beach and listened to the waves crash. I was relaxed. I have found that when I can not physically go somewhere, that sometimes pictures will conjure up those happy memories. So I ask you, what is your favorite place to go and why?