Thursday, December 23, 2010

In the Shadow of Evil - Robin Caroll

Publisher: B & N Publishing (to be released March 1, 2011)
Pages: 320
Genre: Adult, Romantic Suspense
Source: Received a review copy from Publisher

A story of murder, mystery, faith and love. What a great combination. Maddox became a detective in hopes of one day solving his mother's murder. He has turned his back on God because of his mother's murder. Layla, a successful contractor has a great relationship with God. She will need to rely on her faith when a home she has built burns to the ground and a dead body is found inside. These two must work together as more of her projects are destroyed and she is threatened. This is a wonderful suspense filled story where we watch God work in lives and a romance blossom. This is a book full of God's messages in a non-preachy way. The suspense kept me turning pages. My mother borrowed it and finished it in two days, and she is a slow reader. This is a book I most definitely will recommend to all of my friends.

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