I am a middle school teacher who started a blog to help my students read and write more.  This did not work out the way I had planned.  My students suggested I write about the books I read.   So began my journey into the world of blogging.  I read and review everything from picture books to adult fiction.  My goal is to create a world where anyone looking for book suggestions can find something of interest.

On occasion I am asked to review products that are not book related.  If I feel that it is something I would use and recommend I will then post a review of that item here as well. 

I am married and live in Florida with my husband and my mother.  We have three wonderful children. They have provided us with eleven wonderful grandchildren. 

In addition to reading books,  I have recently started down the path of writing books. "Steps to Courage" was published in 2011. Go to "My Book" page and check it out.  It is obvious that books are my life.

So, pick up a book and enjoy life.